Douche Hall of Fame

About the Douche Hall of Fame

It came as part of "The 4th Hour", and continued with "Pat & Stu", the Douche Hall of Fame (or in The Feed shorthand "DHoF") became the gold standard for the Douchiest amongst us.

Leveraging The Feed moderated by The Blaze's Jeffy Fisher, viewers of the program, after being presented with evidence why a specific person should be voted in, will vote Yes or No.

The show has tough requirements for inclusion in the Douche Hall of Fame, requiring no less than 95% of those responding to say Yes.

A frequent question on The Feed is "Who is in the Douche Hall of Fame" or if a specific person is already in. This website serves to present those members who have achieved Pat and Stu's highest level of Douchiness for inclusion in the Hall of Fame.

As part of the Douche Hall of Fame a plaque was created to permanently enshrine those worthy of inclusion. With the induction of Harry Reid in August 2012, the first Plaque was filled, and as a result the "Class of 2013" started a second plaque.