Douche Hall of Fame

The Grand Nozzle

In the aftermath of Douche Hall of Fame member Jesse Ventura prevailing in the lawsuit against the Chris Kyle estate, Twitter was abuzz calling on Pat and Stu to create a position where existing members could be recognized for going "above and beyond" what got them in the Hall of Fame originally.

On August 1st, 2014, Pat and Stu obliged with the inaugural "Grand Nozzle" vote. Unlike the requirements for their initial induction into the Douche Hall of Fame, the Grand Nozzle would only require 75% of The Feed respondents to vote in favor of naming a member to that position (knowing that future "Grand Nozzle" nominees would be in a face off with the current holder).

Jesse Ventura was quickly held up for the Grand Nozzle vote, and was named the first Grand Nozzle of the Douche Hall of Fame with a 96%-4% vote.

On April 8th, 2015, After admitting he lied about Mitt Romney, the Koch Brothers and other events in the runup to the 2012 Election, Douche Hall of Fame Class of 2012 Inductee Harry Reid was nominated for the Grand Nozzle.

After the customary one-minute voting period on The Feed, Harry Reid was elected Grand Nozzle with a 94%-6% vote, and Jesse Ventura has been named the First "Grand Nozzle Emeritus"

Donald J. Trump became the third Grand Nozzle, when barely a week after being inducted into the Douche Hall of Fame he garnered a 94% vote on February 1, 2016. Trump earned such quick elevation to the pinacle of Doucheness with all his outlandish comments made as a 2016 GOP Presidential Candidate during the run up to the Iowa Caucuses (which appropriately happened the same day of the Grand Nozzle vote).

Help Needed - Due to switching jobs in 2016, I am no longer able to watch Pat & Stu on a regular basis, so there appears I may have missed a vote to put Harry Reid back to the Grand Nozzle Status after Donald Trump replaced him as Grand Nozzle. If you have a date this occurred, or the vote result, please contact me.

Pat & Stu
The Grand Nozzle
Donald J. Trump
Grand Nozzle
February 1, 2016 —
By a vote of 94%-6%
Harry Reid
Grand Nozzle Emeritus
April 8, 2015 — January 31, 2016
By a vote of 94%-6%
Jesse Ventura
Grand Nozzle Emeritus
August 1, 2014 — April 7, 2015
By a vote of 96%-4%