Douche Hall of Fame


Chris Matthews was voted into the Douche Hall of Fame in May 2012. This video is the ceremony adding his name to the 1st Plaque:

During June 2012, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts faced an emergency induction after being the swing vote to keep Obamacare. Here is the vote and results (along with a bonus of Pat Gray singing a version of "Happy Days are Here Again":

In September 2013, Kevin Balfe, Senior Vice President of Mercury Radio Arts, presented a case for New York Times Columnist Nicholas Kristof to be inducted into the Douche Hall of Fame. Unfortunately it wasn't to happen:

At the end of 2013, Pat and Stu presented a retrospective of all the inductees for the year:

In March 2014, it was time to induct Nancy Pelosi into the Douche Hall of Fame. Here is a portion of the evidence presented by Pat and Stu to justify adding her to the plaque:

February 25th, 2015 celebrated the induction of Bill Nye "The Science Guy" into the Douche Hall of Fame. The proud moment can be found at 1:52 in this video:

Congressman Peter King gets the vote on March 24th, 2015

Here is clips from Harry Reid's selection to become "Grand Nozzle" on April 8, 2015:


When Donald Trump became the fastest to be inducted into the Hall of Fame and a week later promoted to Grand Nozzle, the show shared this graphic on Twitter:

More Twitter Memes for Douche Hall of Fame inductees:

On June 15, 2017, a vote was held to induct Alex Jones into the Douche Hall of Fame, although he didn't get the required votes (73%) the shows graphics team did have a special graphic for both social media promotion as well as on-air use.

If you have any futher videos of the Douche Hall of Fame, please contact us.